Growing trees today for tomorrow

Hull-Oakes Lumber Co. has over 70 years of forest management experience. We are committed to managing our timberlands with optimal economic and environmental impact.


Hull-Oakes is a Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) participant tree farm spread throughout Oregon’s Willamette Valley and Coast Range. All company loggers and contractors are certified through the Associated Oregon Loggers (AOL) program. We are firm believers in providing long-term sustainability and maximizing growth.

We replant 400 trees per acre, twice the trees required by the Oregon Forest Practices Act. We actively manage our grounds with thinning programs and small regeneration harvests. With 80- to 100-year rotations, we are able to provide the mill with large diameter second growth timber.


We manage our timberlands to provide multi-purpose forests. Our management plan seeks to balance timber production, wildlife habitat, stream water quality, and carbon storage.

Hubert K McBee Memorial Park

The company has a park located along the South Fork of the Alsea River, open to the public for recreational use.